FREE Restaurant QR Menu Code Mr Resto is the leading QR menu for Restaurant for digital menu system.
Customer can easily get restaurant menu on mobile by scanning a QR Code

Restaurant QR Code Menu

Restaurant QR Code Menu is a leading Restaurant guest management system which helps you to offer a complete contactless dining experience for your clients. Get real time reviews when they are at your restaurant, Motivate your clients to promote your offers and promotions in social media and a lot more.


Why choose MrResto ?

Restaurant QR Code Menu is carefully crafted to achieve a win-win solution for the restaurant and your clients. Yes. Your client would love to dine again with a whole new experience. Following are the few important benefits for your customer and your restaurant team by Mr Resto system.

Benefits for Your Customers

  • Contactless Menu System
  • Dynamic Menu
  • No Waiting
  • Order food from Mobile
  • Escalate complaints through WhatsApp
  • Share their experience with friends

Benefits for your Restaurant

  • Dynamic Menu items
  • Cut-down cost in Printing
  • Promotions to your Old & new Customers
  • Social Media Promotions by Customers
  • Handle Customer Complaints
  • Get instant Reviews & Delight your customer

Contactless Menu

Say good bye to all your paper based  menu books. Offer your tasty menu on your client’s phone with a single scan.

Real-time Review

Get real time feedback while your client. Let them leave your restaurant with 100% satisfaction.

Promote & Increase Revenue

Your happy customers can promote your tasty offers in social media platforms to their friends.
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    How can restaurants increase their client satisfaction with the help of the Menu QR Scan application?

    Restaurant QR menu is a very valuable tool for the restaurants. QR code menu allows restaurants to ensure the safety of the staff and customers by minimizing physical contact between them. Here are some of the ways restaurants can use the restaurant QR code menu to enhance customer satisfaction and savor the dining experience.

    1. Use QR Codes to Make Dining Easier for Customers

    Restaurants can make right use of restaurant QR code ordering to help users place their orders and pay bills with ease. For this, restaurants need to create QR codes that open the menu for the customers when they scan it on their phone, providing them the option to help order the food from the phone. After they finish their meal, they can scan the QR code to allow them to pay online. This will provide the customers with a convenient option to check the menu, order, pay, and tip the restaurant staff.

    1. Helps Submit the Feedback

    Feedback from customers can help your restaurant improve. Many restaurant QR code menu tools allow the users to provide valuable feedback that restaurants can use to improve their services. All customers have to do is scan the QR code and submit their feedback. These online reviews can help you’re your restaurant rank better on the search engine.

    1. Allow Customers to Order and Pay through Smartphones

    THE restaurant QR code ordering feature allows the customers to place their orders and make payments by scanning QR codes.Customers can scan the QR code using the Restaurant QR code scanner and land on the menu page of the restaurant. From this menu page, they can place an order for the food items they wish to order. After completing the food, they can make the payment digitally through their smartphones. This process can also be implemented in takeaway orders.

    1. Easy to share Discounts and offers

    Offers and discounts are a great way to increase footfall at a restaurant. Restaurants can update their menu and add offers and discounts without having to worry about investing in printing costsfor the new menu. Restaurants can add or remove new offers and discounts on the menu. Some tools also allow restaurants to generate offer QR coupons and share them with the customers. Customers can scan these QR coupons at the time of order to avail the deal. Since coupons are a great way to incentivize customers, QR code offer coupons will perform this task better.

    1. Provide Detailed Information About the Dish to Customers

    Since restaurants can add unlimited information to the QR code menu free, restaurants can add details about the dish. You can provide all the details about the ingredients in the dish, and tell the customers about possible allergies, precautions they might need to take, the best time of the year to consume them, and other details related to the dish.

    1. Restaurants can Link Fun Activities to QR Code

    Restaurants can use the Restaurant QR code app to add fun activities to engage customers such as quizzes, contests, and competitions. Generate a QR code that can redirect the users to the activity page, where customers can play these fun activities and win discount coupons and freebies.

    The benefits a QR code restaurant menu can provide to your restaurant customers are endless. With several restaurants already benefiting from the restaurant QR menu, plan to invest in this great tool and make the most out of it.